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Dixie Twister

Ferris Wheel

Gyro 2 seater

2 seater Gyroscope Strap in and hold on as you experience the same sensations astronauts do as they train for weightlessness in space. Must be within 100 feet of a dedicated power source and must be able to tow up to setup area.


Brave the Loop-O-Plane and swing in a full circle. - 8 riders per ride - 120 riders per hour - 25 foot by 45 foot area - 3 phase 75 amp - Must be 42 inches tall to ride

Pirate's Revenge

Swing back and forth on a pirate ship. 15 can enjoy the thrills at a time. - 15 riders per ride - 300 riders per hour - 30 foot by 20 foot deep area - 1-220V 15 amp to run ride - 1-110V 10 amp to run lights - Must be 36 inches tall to ride

Rapid Slide

This is a family friendly ride. Climb the stairs to enjoy the fast ride down. Three can slide at the same time. - 3 riders per ride - 360 riders per hour - 50 foot by 20 foot area - 1-220V 30 amp


20 can climb upon the Musical Chair Swings for each ride. Fly through the air and wave to the crowd on this fun ride. - 20 riders per ride - 600 riders per hour - 60 foot by 60 foot area - 3 phase 60 amp - Must be 42 inches tall to ride

Trukin USA

Hop a ride on the Truckin USA. Drive these bright colored trucks around the track, up to 16 riders at a time. - 16 riders per ride - 240 riders per hour - 50 foot by 30 foot area - 1-220V 30 amp to run ride - Must be 36 inches tall to ride.

Rock Wall

This 4 person climbing Rock Wall is a perfect fit for any climbing enthusiasts. It has 4 different climbing paths that you can try out, some easy some more difficult. Auto belays are good for up to 250 pound climbers. Perfect for large events like carnivals, festivals, school events, corporate events, and more!

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